NOSPR in Katowice conducted by Piotr recorded selected works by Andrzej Panufnik.

This was the recording session for the historic, last Andrzej Wajda film  "Powidoki".

November 7

On December 13 Piotr Piotr will conduct  Szczecin Philharmonic performing together with legendary SBB Group



November 3

Piotr will conduct "Oratorium Kalwaryjskie" by Z. Książek/ B. Gliniak.  170-piece ensemble will perform in the new Congres Hall in Kraków.


July 2

Polish Radio Orchestra conducted by Piotr recorded music by Cezary Skubiszewski for the film KARBALA directed by Krzysztof Łukaszewicz.



July 20

Piotr is one of the winners of the  Oticons Faculty International Film Music Competition.  There were 123 participants from 30 krajów.  The jury consisted of  26 world film music figures.  The legend of Hollywood   - Lalo Schifrin 6-time Academy Award-nominee Composer (“Mission Impossible”, “Dirty Harry”, “Bullitt”)Dirk Brossé
President of the Jury
Composer, Conductor (“Star Wars In Concert”), Music Director of Ghent Film Festival.  Orchestrators:  Jeff Atmajian (“The Dark Knight”, “Bourne Legacy”, “King Kong”, “The Village”), David Butterworth (“Gravity”, “Fury”),  composers (also Oscar winning composers) Rachel Portman, Bruno Coulais, Jan AP Kaczmarek, Tuomas Kantelinen, Atli Örvarsson, Shigeru Umebayashi, Stephen Warbeck, Alex Heffes, Jesper Kyd, Cyril Morin, Hélène Muddiman, Jeff Rona, Christopher Slaski, Yoav Goren, konsultanci muzyczni: Pia Hoffman, Hansjörg Kohli, Andy Hill, Chief of the music program SUNDANCE Peter Golub, composers and film music teachers Yati Durant (University of Edinburgh), Vasco Hexel (Royal College of Music) Chiefs ASCAP Film & TV w USA and UK/Europe - Michael Todd, Simon Greenaway oraz Alexius Tschallener  beta-tester Vienna Symphony Library



April 12

Piotr conducted Polish Radio Orchestra recording music for the film  "Dominion" produced by John Malkovich in Hollywood.

November 30

This week Piotr conducted Gorzow Philharmonic Orchestra at their wonderful concert hall.  The soloist was Paweł Gusnar.  On the program - among others - Sinfonietta by Poulenc,  Roussel Sinfonietta op. 52 and Rhapsody  for Saxophone and Orchestra by Debussy.

January 1

Piotr will soon conduct Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra during numerous recording sessions of music by Maciej Małecki and Jan AP Kaczmarek.

November 1

Piotr has created his personal project consisting of completely improvised piano opuses.
Listen here:

December 15

Piotr is scoring a new series for tv channel Polsat "Syn Miasta" staring Paweł Wilczak and Magda Boczarska

March 25

Piotr and his daughter Joanna once again will compose and produce a song for the new TVP1 series "Życie nad rozlewiskiem 2"

March 2

New CD with songs by Marlena Zynger and Dominika Świątek will be released.  The performers are: Dominika Świątek, Beata Jankowska - vocals and Piotr Komorowski - piano

February 13

Piotr conducted the orchestra recording session for the new movie by Piotr Trzaskalski "Mój rower".  Music was composed by Wojciech Lemański

February 1

On March 15th Piotr will conduct Elbląg Chamber Orchestra during opening night of Elbląg Guitar Festival.  The soloist Marek Pasieczny will perform his "Hollywood Concerto".  In the second part - Serenade for Strings by Tschaikovsky.

October 7

Piotr will be listed in the new edition of "WHO IS WHO W POLSCE"- a biographical hardcover directory of prominent individuals from a range of fields in Poland.

October 5

Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra directed by Piotr recorded in Warsaw music by Jan AP Kaczmarek for the new reedited version of the Hisako Matsui's movie "Leonie"

September 29

Piotr will score a new film by Łukasz Karwowski "Kac Wawa"

September 27

Last week Piotr visited London and Bedford accompaning Jaga Wrońska singing the poetry of Marlena Zynger.  

September 4

Joanna Komorowska has written and performed a new song "O złamanym sercu" for the new TVP1 series "Życie nad rozlewiskiem" .  Piotr has arranged and produced it.  In this series also the older songs by Joanna and Piotr will be presented.

September 3

Piotr has composed the opening credits music for the new TVP2 series "Wiadomości z drugiej ręki"

August 25

In Łódź Philharmonic Hall Piotr Trzskalski filmed the final scene of his new movie "Mój rower" (2012) with Artur Żmijewski as a pianist.  Piotr took part in this big scene conducting the symphony orchestra.

April 17

Piotr and his daughter Joanna will write and record a song for the new TVP1 series "Życie nad rozlewiskiem"

April 9

Piotr has made new arrangements of three Italian songs for the Polsat series "Linia Życia".  The performers were:  Małgorzata Potocka, Violetta Arlak and Dariusz Kordek

February 25

Advertising film "Torun 2016" directed by Lukasz Karwowski with music by Piotr won the first prize in the Film Festival of Polish Cities and Gminas "Sosnowiec Film Tour 2011." The event accompanied the International Fair of Tourism, Recreation and Leisure INTOUREX. "Torun 2016" was chosen from 27 films featuring tourist attractions of the Polish cities.

January 11 Piotr again was invited to conduct Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra during session for danish documentary series "Danmark - Kyst til kyst".  Music was composed by Jakob Faurholt and the recording producer was Tadeusz Mieczkowski.


December 9

The Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Piotr has recorded the music for Andre Heller's new show "Magnifico" which will premiere in February 2011 in Munich / Germany.  The first trailer can be watched here. November 10 Piotr will conduct Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra at the end of the month during recording sessions for new movie by Andrzej Saramonowicz.   Music is composed by Wojtek Lemański.

October 3

"Toruń" with music composed by Piotr  was awarded two special mentions last week - at  14. International Film Festival Document.Art w Otopeni  and Promocity 2010 in Gdynia.

September 29, Piotr will score a Kuba Nieścierow movie "Zabójcza miłość".  It will be in theaters in summer 2011.

October 27 Piotr has made his own arrangements of two German songs and accompanied actress Laura Samojłowicz during session.   The songs were recorded for TVP2 series "Czas Honoru III" August 18, Another song for the TV series "Dom nad Rozlewiskiem" (A House by the Backwater) was recorded. As with the previous songs it was sung by Joanna Komorowska, who also wrote the lyrics. Music for the song was written by Joanna and Piotr together.

May 25, "Oratorium Kalwaryjskie" (Kalwaria Oratory) has attained the high status of a gold album. More information on the Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Sanctuary website.

April 29, Piotr, as a piano player, will take part in a concert of the poetry of Marlena Zynger, with the music written by Dominika Świątek, which will take place on May 2nd in the radio studio named after Agnieszka Osiecka (Polish Radio Programme 3).  The retransmission of the concert is planned for June 3rd. The recording of the concert is to be released on CD.

April 10, Recording sessions of the music by Bartek Gliniak for the movie entitled “Joanna”, directed by Feliks Falk, took place at the end of March. The “Sinfonia Varsovia” Orchestra, Krzysztof Herdzin - piano, and Piotr Komorowski, as the conductor, took part in the recording sessions.   March 20, The release of the "Oratorium Kalwaryjskie"  (Kalwaria Oratory) record is planned for March 26th, 2010. The CD is a recording of a concert compered by Piotr in August 2009. The concert will be broadcast on TVP 1 (Polish National TV, Programme 1) on March 31st, April 1st and 2nd , 2010. 
The authors of the Kalwaria Oratory are Zbigniew Książek and Bartek Gliniak. The soloists of the concert included the singers: Ola Bieńkowska, Joanna Słowińska, Przemysław Branny, Janusz Kruciński, as well as the instrumentalists: Jacek Królik, Robert Luty and Krzysztof Ścierański.
The recording producer was Tadeusz Mieczkowski.
Recording samples   February 5, The promotional film about the city of Toruń had its press premiere on January 19th, and was later posted on the Internet. See the film.

December 20

Orchestra recordings for the “Toruń” film took place in the Sound & More studio. Rafał Smoleń was the sound engineer.   December 7, Music for the promotional film about the city of Toruń is in the making. More information on the blog of its director, Łukasz Karwowski.

October 4, "CISZA" (Silence) – such is the title of a song written especially for the TV series "Dom nad rozlewiskiem" (TVP1) (A House by the Backwater, Polish Television Programme 1). The song was written by Piotr together with his daughter, Joanna Komorowska, who also sings the solo part. 
You can listen to the song here.   August 23, The premiere of the "Oratorium Kalwaryjskie" (Kalwaria Oratory) by Zbigniew Książek and Bartłomiej Gliniak took place on August 15th in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska.  The creators of the Oratory asked Piotr to compere this huge event.

July 3, “Doktor” (A Doctor), a documentary by Łukasz Karwowski premiered during the International "Tofifest" Festival.   June 19, Music for the documentary by Łukasz Karwowski entitled "Doktor" (A Doctor) is in the making.   May 29, Piotr, as the pianist and a musical director, took part in the Marlena Zynger show "Czas śpiewu kobiety" (Time of a Woman’s Song) in the Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane.

December 11

Piotr (as the arranger) had the opportunity to meet Krzysztof Kiljański and Olga Szomańska during the production of the soundtrack for the "Idealny facet dla mojej dziewczyny" (The Perfect Guy For My Girlfriend) movie.
Listen to the song “I Wanna Be Loved by You" in the MUSIC section.   June 28, Piotr composes music for the second series of the TV series "Twarzą w twarz" (Face to Face) starring Paweł Małaszyński and Magda Walach.

March 18, The film by Łukasz Karwowski entitled "Mała Wielka Miłość" (A Small Great Love) has been screened in cinemas since February 29th.

December 18

Recordings of the music for the "Mała Wielka Miłość" (A Small Great Love) film have been completed. An orchestra conducted by the composer himself, who also played the solo piano parts, took part in the recordings. Jarosław Regulski was the producer.

November 19, Piotr composes music for the Łukasz Karwowski film "Mała Wielka Miłość" (Expecting Love), starring, among the others, Joshua Leonard, Agnieszka Grochowska, Marcin Bosak, Mikołaj Grabowski, Michael Dunn.

September 12, Freddy Quinn and the orchestra conducted by Piotr Komorowski will meet again on stage, during the concert planned for September 14th in Hamburg.

September 10, Piotr composed the music for the credit titles of the new TV series “Regina” produced by Wojciech Niżyński for TV4. Teresa Kotlarczyk is the director.   August 17, Production of a film “Jutro idziemy do kina ” (Tomorrow We Are Going to the Cinema) is nearing an end. Piotr had the opportunity to meet the producer and the director, Michał Kwieciński, as well as other makers of the film while preparing the musical arrangement for one of the scenes.

May 16, Piotr is going on another, almost one-month long concert tour of Japan with Alfred Hause Tango Orchestra. The group will give 17 concerts ( May 20th at Festival Hall, Osaka, May 23rd at Fukuoka Symphony Hall, May 28th at Sapporo Concert Hall, June 2nd & 3rd at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo, June 5th at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, June 9th & 10th at Orchard Hall, Tokyo and others).

January 29 The TV series "Magda M." with Piotr’s music was awarded "Telekamery 2007" award in the "Series-drama” category.

From May 15t to June 5th Alfred Hause Tango Orchestra went on another concert tour of Japan. Piotr led the concerts as the conductor and master of ceremonies. The orchestra gave concerts in Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo, Sapporo Concert Hall, Fukuoka Symphony Hall, Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Festival Hall in Osaka, and many other concert halls. You can see photos in the MEDIA section.

From April 3rd to April 29th Piotr was the conductor and musical director of the jubilee European concert tour of Freddy Quinn. The tour began in Konzerthaus in Vienna. The last concerts took place in Belgium and Luxembourg.

From February 1st to the middle of March Piotr led the Fire of Dance performances. About 40 shows in selected European countries. This was the tour closing the shows 5-year long stint.

At the turn of the year Piotr had led 3 carnival concerts in Germany. The programme included musical hits. The New Year’s Eve concert took place in Schwerin.